I’ve had many years of experience coaching business people to improve their careers, but was at one time reluctant to bill myself as an “executive coach” or a “career coach” because it sounds a little too fluffy to me. I’m not the kind of person who will make you feel better about yourself if you’re not succeeding. Now, the definition of success is driven entitrely by what you say you want–if it’s work-life balance or it’s that next promotion or it’s to change careers or simply improve your performance, you decide what success looks like for you.

But trust me to hold you to it and to point out when you’re sabotaging yourself by not actually following through with what you say you want. Sometimes, that’s because you really don’t want what you profess to want and other times it’s because you’re struggling to blaze a new pathway to get where you need to go.

No matter. I’ve worked with hundreds of folks over the years to help them get where they really want to go. Much of my coaching was done on the job at IBM. I retired from IBM in 2008 as a Distinguished Engineer, so I have vast experience in helping technical and marketing people with their careers. And a Distinguished Engineer is an executive-level tehnical position at IBM, so I’ve had my fair share of working with executives and prospective executives, too.

Since leaving IBM, I’ve worked with many executives as part of the other consulting work I do, mainly in digital marketing and text analytics. So that’s another reason that I shy away from the fluffy aspects of coaching, because I believe that coaching is best done when your coach understands the job that you do. That’s why I specialize in coaching people in technical and digital marketing jobs, and people in the technology industry. That’s what I know.

Alan Saporta, a VP of Technology and an expert on mentoring, offered some kind words about my impact: “Simply put, Mike Moran has had the greatest professional impact on my career anyone could ever have had. Over the years of my continuing to seek his advice I’ve found that he possesses an innate sense of just the right questions to ask and when to ask them. He partners with me to get to the underlying truth. He challenges and enlightens. He is an authentic, patient and artful coach. I look forward to each and every one of our conversations.”

If you think I can help you, I’d be happy to arrange a free session to see if there’s a fit. Whether you want to work with me directly or through your company, please contact me so we can get to know each other.