Digital Marketing Tips

If you’ve bought Do It Wrong Quickly or Search Engine Marketing, Inc., thank you. I’ve gotten great feedback on each book, but they are just books. There’s only so much you can squeeze into them, and the material can’t help but become outdated, no matter what you do. (We update our Search Engine Marketing, Inc. book on each printing, but even that isn’t enough.)

So that’s why I wanted to provide a set of online resources that I can keep up to date. In true “do it wrong quickly” fashion, I am posting these resources before they are “done.” In fact, I’d love to get your feedback on them to see which ones seem to be the most valuable and to get your suggestions and additions. So here goes with the work-in-progress Internet Marketing Resources.

  • Blogroll. One of the great things about the Internet is the wealth of free and low-cost resources that are kept up to date. Get a list of blogs and other Internet resources to keep up with every part of Internet marketing.
  • Bookstore. Many books besides mine are well worth making part of your library. Take a look at what other people have been writing.
  • Skinflint Guides. If you think that you just can’t afford to do Internet marketing, you’re wrong. Internet marketing is the best bargain around, with so many free ways to draw attention to your business. Find out how to do it on the cheap.
  • Checklists. No matter what you do, it helps to have a step-by-step list to make sure you don’t forget anything. Check out these checklists for common Internet marketing tasks.
  • Case Studies. Most people learn by example. Step right up for some real-life examples that put the “do it wrong quickly” principles into action.
  • References. Do It Wrong Quickly used a number of sources and, in the interest of readability, did not use footnotes. But every source is listed here so you can look up facts to your heart’s content.
  • Biznology® blog, newsletters, and Webinars. If you can’t get enough of me, subscribe to a daily blog (that I frequently write for) or my monthly newsletter, using e-mail or Web feeds. I am usually the speaker at the Biznology monthly Webinar, too. Biznology talks about that nexus of business and technology where Internet marketing lives.
  • Podcasts. Check out the podcasts as well as radio and audio interviews that I have done over the years.
  • Interviews. I regularly interview Internet marketing luminaries in my Biznology blog. Check out their expert advice.

I’d love to get your feedback. Tell me what resources here help you and which ones don’t—and what’s missing.