This video contains over 14 hours of lessons to help you become a better search marketer. I recorded this video to accompany the second edition of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. book, now in its third edition. But it can also be a great introduction on its own, even without the book. So, if you just don’t consider yourself a reader, or you don’t have the time to slog through a 400-page book to improve your search marketing, this video series might be just what you need.

You’ll walk through 20 separate videos that each help you with a key part of your search marketing program. Whether you are a new search marketer, or you’re just trying to get your existing program to the next level, these videos walk you step-by-step through a process, starting with an overview of search marketing, through how to succeed at search marketing in your business, planning your program, and finally, execution.

If you’ve been concerned that search marketing is passing you by, or that it’s just too technical and complex for you, this video series will start with simple concepts and gradually build on them until you are learning critical strategies for making your program a search marketing success. Here are the topics of all 20 modules in the series:

1: Why Search Marketing Is Important…and Difficult

Web Search Basics. Search and Your Marketing Mix. The Challenge of Search Success.

2: How Search Engines Work
Matching the Search Query. Ranking the Matches. Displaying Search Results. Finding Web pages for the Organic Index. Analyzing the Content. Building the Organic Index.

3: How Search Marketing Works
Organic Search. Paid Placement.

4: How Searchers Work
The Searcher’s Intent. The Searcher’s Click. The Searcher’s Follow-Through.

5: Identify Your Web Site’s Goals
Web Sales. Offline Sales. Leads. Market Awareness. Information and Entertainment. Persuasion.

6: Measure Your Web Site’s Success
Count Your Conversions. Count Your Traffic. Count Your Money.

7: Measure Your Search Marketing Success
Target Your First Search Marketing Campaign. Assess Your Current Situation. Calculate Your First Campaign’s Opportunity.

8: Define Your Search Marketing Strategy
Choose the Scope of Your Search Marketing Program. Divide the Search Marketing Work. Choose Your Search Marketing Approach. Project Your Search Marketing Costs.

9: Sell Your Search Marketing Proposal
Assemble Your Search Marketing Proposal. Sell Your Proposal to the Extended Search Team. Sell Your Proposal to Executives.

10: Get Your Site Indexed
What If Your Site Is Not Indexed? How Many Pages on Your Site Are Indexed? How Can More Pages from Your Site Be Indexed?

11: Choose Your Target Keywords
The Value of Keyword Planning. Your Keyword Planning Philosophy. Step-by-Step Keyword Planning.

12: Optimize Your Content
What Search Engines Look For. The Philosophy of Writing for Search. Step-by-Step Optimization for Search Landing Pages.

13: Attract Links to Your Site
Why Search Engines Value Links. Your Linking Philosophy. Step-by-Step Link Building for Your Site.

14 (Part 1): Optimize Your Paid Search Program
Paid Search Opportunities. Your Paid Search Philosophy.

14 (Part 2): Optimize Your Paid Search Program
Step-by-Step Paid Search Optimization.

15: Make Search Marketing Operational
Set Up Your Central Search Team. Establish Search Marketing Best Practices. Track Search Marketing Success.

16 (Part 1): Explore New Media and Social Media
What’s Web 2.0? (Blogs, Microblogging, Wikis, Ratings and Reviews, Message Boards). New Media (Images, Podcasts, Videos, Widgets).

16 (Part 2): Explore New Media and Social Media
Social Media Listening. Tracking Social Media. Social Media and Search.

17: Optimize Your Web Site Search
The Disappointment of Web Site Search. The Importance of Web Site Search. The State of Your Web Site Search. Improve Your Web Site Search.

18: What’s Next?
What’s Next for Search Marketing? What’s Next for You?